From Lancaster To Lebanon With

Here at, our founder entrepreneur David Riley has formed a close working relationship with business man Taleb Abou Saleh, after he was impressed by the service received from the Tryitbuyitproperty team.

Taleb travelled  from Lebanon to Spain, initially wanting to buy in Madrid, and came across the Tryitbuyitproperty website when searching for a holiday home.  He contacted the Tryitbuyitproperty team by an initial email and we referred him to our local Spanish Agent, Maria Garcia who then succeeded in finding his dream home in Torrevieja.

After meeting with Maria – just the once – the deal was done!  Taleb is now settled and very happy in his holiday home by the sea and was extremely impressed with the try before you buy scheme.

The try before you buy 12month period will also enable Taleb to finalise the necessary paperwork and documents to enable him and his family to become residents.

Taleb is so set on buying the penthouse he has already made changes to the property by installing air conditioning and a sat tv system.  Taleb says “this is my dream come true, there was no pressure at any time, the teams were great to deal with, so helpful and honest – my journey to my seaside property could not have been any smoother”.

We are pleased our business has reached far away countries such as Lebanon and we are proud to add Taleb to the network of people who support our vision, and his story just demonstrates how you can invest, buy and live abroad with confidence.

And here is a picture so you can put faces to the names!

For further information please contact our Marketing Manager:

Carey Winder at

Jan 2014

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Happy New Year!

Here at the Tryitbuyitproperty office we are currently starting a new business year, looking a updating and making changes. We want to hear from all our website, twitter and blog visitors, and appreciate any feedback or enquiries you may have! Follow our journey as we will blog you through our new year re-energising our efforts to ensure yo all have the dream life and home you hope for!
Happy New Year from all at TryitbuyitProperty!

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Welcoming TryitBuyitProperty’s New Marketing Manager

TryitBuyitProperty are pleased to announce the appointment of our new Marketing Manager, Carey Winder.

Carey has completed  4 years at the University of Central Lancashire and gained a 2:1 degree in Media Studies. An enthusiastic addition to the team, Carey will be managing all aspects of Marketing for Tryitbuyitproperty, using Social Media to maintain a dialogue with the people we value most-you!

Carey is keen to promote the Try before you buy ethos that we hold to give you confidence in investing in property in the UK and Spain

Talking about her new role, Carey has this to say:

“I am honoured to be given the opportunity to work on such an exciting new project with TryitBuyitProperty, and cannot wait to start putting my degree to use in this new endeavour. I have a great interest in both the UK and Spanish Property Markets, and wish to use my experience in Social Media to develop and improve this already fantastic service!”

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TryitBuyit on Language Courses in Spain

Spain is definitely the best place to learn some Spanish or improve you current skills. You will find lists of institutions which provide language courses in Spain in many websites (for instance, or Language schools will prepare you for internationally recognised exams and also DELE (Diploma de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera) which is recognised by employers, universities and officialdom in Spain. The DELE has three main levels and it requires around 8-9 months to pass the most basic diploma. Of course, it depends on your existing knowledge and willingness to study. 

You may also consider a residential course which allows you not only to get the basics of the language, but also to get to know the area better before buying a holiday property or moving permanently. A four week course with accommodation provided will cost you between £600 and £1200 (price depends on type of accommodation and how intensive the course is). Majority of schools includes cultural and sporting activities as well as history or art classes in conjunction with the language course. Some schools even include optional courses such as golf, literature, horse-riding and even flamenco dancing.   

Learning the language may not only be a useful activity which will be helpful for a career and living in Spain, but also great fun and meeting people who are in the same situation and are similar minded.

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TryitBuyit on Valencia

Provinces: Alicante, Castellon, Valencia

Main Towns and cities: Alicante, Benidorm, Castellon de la Plana, Javea, Puerto de Gandia, Sagunto, Torrevieja, Valencia, Vinaros

Airports: Alicante, Valencia

The provinces of Valencia and Castellon lie on Spain’s eastern coast. Valencia itself has a population of around 800.000 people. One of the provinces of Castellon is the Costa de Azahar. The Costa de Azahar offers great value for money. There you will find mild winters, wonderful mountain ranges and sandy beaches. 

The coastline is mainly driven by tourism, however you will also find some fascinating agriculture. For instance, in Azahar around 70% of Spain’s ranges are produced. The city of Valencia is an important centre of finance and business with superb infrastructure.

The main food of local cuisine is rice and seafood. You will also find popular staples of bread, olives and wine as well as garlic, vegetable and dairy products. Valencian cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean dishes such as green vegetables, fish, fruit and game stews. The most famous Valencia dish is rice, served dry in variety of paellas.

Best Places to Try or Buy a Property

Torrevieja     (Southern Costa Blanca)

Torrevieja is one of the fastest growing resorts in the Costa Blanca. The area has great beaches, superb sport facilities, wonderful climate and a very reasonable cost of living. In Torrevieja you may also enjoy cliff walking, find natural beauty spots and enjoy its marina. However, in winter it may get quite cold, therefore before buying or trying a property, make sure it has a proper heating system. In the south of Torrevieja you will find excellent golf courses, a variety of beaches, pubs and bars, and two marinas. 

Torrevieja Property

The property prices in Torrevieja are one of the cheapest in the Costa Blanca. Two bedroom apartment in the resort may cost you around €150.000. Torrevieja also has consistent and high rental demand which means that it is not only a good place for buying, but also for trying a property. Because of the increasing popularity of the resort prices are likely to increase in the near future.

Alicante (Northern Costa Blanca)

Alicante is the main city of the Costa Blanca. It has fascinating architecture, arts, crafts, cuisine and, of course, miles of coastline. The main source of revenue in the city is tourism followed by port activity. One of the main sights of Alicante is the Castle of Santa Barbara which is the most recognisable sight in the city as well as in Google search (if you enter Alicante). It also has a wonderful old city in the south west of the Santa Barbara Castle. The archaeological Museum of Alicante is also worth visiting as it has local artifacts from 100.000 years ago.

Alicante has a Mediterranean climate with average temperatures between 16ᵒC to 6ᵒC during the winter and between 30ᵒC and 20ᵒC during the summer. The record maximum temperature (41ᵒC) was reached in 1994, minimum (-4.6ᵒC) in 1956.

Alicante Property

Because of its popularity and great facilities property prices in central Alicante are quite high. However, you may find cheaper properties in the areas surrounding the city. A 4 bedroom villa in Alicante will cost you around €400.000, two bedroom apartment for around €200.000. The average property price in the city is around €248.000.  

Benidorm (Northern Costa Blanca)

Benidorm is a city – all in one. Here you will find great beaches, watersports, restaurants, cafes, bars and an incredible lifestyle.  However, the fast development of the area made it less Spanish and spoiled. If you want to have English breakfast at any time of the day on any street, Benidorm is perfect for you. In spite of that, Benidorm attracts millions of tourists every year. It has 2 km of golden sand.

Benidorm Property

Benidorm has around 3.000 British residents and, of course, constantly many tourists. Because of the huge amount of real estate, property prices are still reasonable. There is also quite a high demand for rental properties; therefore you should not find it difficult to rent a property. A one-bedroom apartment in Benidorm will cost you around €230.000.


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TryitBuyit on Galicia

Provinces and Main Towns: La Coruna, Lugo, Ourense, Pontevedra

Airport: Labacolla

Median property prince: €188.000.

Galicia is located in the north-west corner of the peninsula and has poor communications with other regions. The Galician coast line stretches for 1.659 km (800 km of this are cliffs, 300 km beaches).

Surprisingly, Galicia is one of the poorer and less developed regions of Spain. It has mainly rural population which is mainly driven by agriculture and fishing. The most prosper seems to be western coast thanks to the location of province’s main cities there. Undeveloped area means unspoiled area which very much applies to Galicia. Here you will find loads of wild nature and wildlife. There is also a very low pollution level and wonderful fauna.

The main dish of the cuisine is, not surprisingly, fish. Galicia is one of the world’s main mussels producers.  The main components of the cuisine are: scallops, oyster, octopus, paprika sausage and beans. 

The hottest average temperature in Galicia is around 22ᵒC, the coldest around 5ᵒC. However, temperatures as well as rainfalls varies a bit across different parts of regions.


Property prices in Galicia are one of the lowest in Spain and are around 20% cheaper than the national average. Three- bedroom country house which requires complete renovation in Neda will cost you around €48.000, Villa in Ares around €300.000.

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TryitBuyit on Cantabria and Asturias. The Green Spain.

Main Towns: Santander, Oviedo

Airport: Aviles

Cantabria median property price: €180.000

Asturias median property price: €160.000

The area is also called ‘Green Spain’ or ‘Cornwall’ and is increasingly popular for foreign buyers, mainly because of low property prices and culture.  Asturias is becoming one of the most popular locations in Spain with an increasing amount of interest.

Cantabria and Asturias are situated in the north-west of Spain and are lapped by the waters of the Cantabrian Sea. The Asturias has clean, sandy beaches and is dotted with caves and coves as the Cantabria has no sheer cliffs, but has a number of beaches. Cantabria is centred on the port Santander which is an elegant resort popular amongst Spaniards.

Both areas used to be predominantly driven by agriculture, however currently these industries are in decline. In the past, economic strength was mainly lying in fishing, agriculture and milk production, in modern times such industries as coal mining and steel production were mainly dominant. Nowadays, there is a significant growth in service industries as there is an increasing number in tourists and property buyers.

In both areas, seafood dishes are the dominant cuisine. In Asturias you will also find fine cheese production and bean stew. In Cantabria you will find beef being more popular, however the seafood is still dominant.

The average temperature in both areas are not too Spanish. The winter are usually not too cold with a temperature ≈10ᵒC, however the summers are not very hot with a temperature of only around 20ᵒC.


15 minutes drive from Santander you may find a four-bedroom villa for around €500.000. Finca in Asturias may only cost you ≈€30.000, however it may require some renovation works. If you are looking for something more solid, a traditional three-bedroom country house will cost you around €300.000. The main places to look for a property in these areas are: Castro, Comillas, Laredo, Cudillero, Gijo, Santander, Urdiales, Llanses, Noja and San Vicente de la Barquera.

Reference: Hall, L. (2009) Buying A House In Spain, Crimson

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TryitBuyit on Pais Vasco (Basque Country)

Provinces: Alava, Guipuzcoa, Vizcaya (Biscay)

Main City: Bilbao

Airport: San Sebastian

Median Property Price: €290.000

The Pais Vasco is situated in the western Pyrenees and spans the border between Spain and France. It is one of the more heavily populated regions of Spain (around 6% of the population). The majority of Basques see themselves as an ethnic minority and seek greater autonomy. One of the main drawbacks of living in this area is the language.  The Basque language is not similar to any other European languages and is more difficult to learn than Spanish There is very little access to English-language media and you won’t find many foreigners or tourists here, even during the season. The area is also not popular because of cooler sea temperatures and the amount of annual rainfall.

The main economic strength of the area is the industrial and building sectors. During the recent years, tourism in Pais Vasco has also increased. Important part of the industry is also taken by the service sector with around 60% of the Basque economy.

The most popular dish in the area is fish, especially cod. You will also find popular meals such as red bream or spider crabs as well as milk based desserts. The region also has its special wines.


The Basque Country is not a very popular place for buying a property, mainly because of high unemployment rate and reputation of terrorism. However, some attractive areas may be found around Bilbao. The market still remains predominantly popular by local buyers’. However, prices are still relevantly high. An apartment in Bilbao city centre may cost you around €1.5 million, in suburbs, 3 bedroom apartment around €400.000. A house in Guipuzcoa may cost you around €2 million.

Reference: Hall, L. (2009) Buying A House In Spain, Crimson

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TryitBuyit on Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha. Make Sure You Know About It!

Provinces: Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Toledo (Castilla-La Mancha); Badajoz, Cacares (Extremaxura).

Main cities: Albacete, Badajoz

Extremaxura median property price: €121.000

Castilla-La Mancha median property price: €142.000

Castille-La Mancha is not only a place where Don Quixote was written, but also a land of olive trees, sun flowers and windmills. However, this place is one of the cheapest and least known property markets.

Both regions (Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha) contain around one sixth of Spain’s population. Regions have also similar nature. Extremadura as well as  Castilla- La Mancha have quire diverse nature with mountains and plateaus spread across the area.

Castilla-La Mancha is highly dominated by agriculture as Extremadura is rich in natural resources, but lacking the industry to exploit them. Unemployment rates in the area are one of the highest in Spain. In both regions, tourism remains unpopular and is one of the lowest in Spain.

The climate in Extremandura is quite extreme, reaching around 30ᵒC during the summer and dropping to 8ᵒC or even less in the winter period. Castilla-La Mancha can also be proud of extreme temperatures. During the summer the temperature may reach 35ᵒC or even 40ᵒC, in winter it may drop even below 0ᵒC.

Extremadura cuisine is popular for its ham and pork staples as well as variety of cheeses. Castile-La Mancha is known for its saffron, honey (la alcarria) and ewe’s milk cheese (manchego).


In both regions property prices are way below the national average.  In Extremadura you may find an old finca for around €20.000, however it would probably need some renovation. In towns and villages properties can be found for as little as €60.000 or even less. A house In Castilla-La Mancha may cost you around €105.000, country house around €200.000, 3 bedroom apartment around €90.000.  Before buying a property or making an investment in these regions it is advised to spend more time analysing the property market or even to visit and investigate the area (accompanied by Spanish speaker).

Reference: Hall, L. (2009) Buying A House In Spain, Crimson

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TryitBuyit on The Canary Islands (Las Islas Canarias)

Main resorts and islands: Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Tenerife.

Airports: Tenerife North, Tenerife South, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Palma (Gran Canaria).

The Canary Islands has wonderful scenery, diverse landscape and, of course, stunning weather. Because of these reasons it is one of the most popular places to look for a property in the sun.  The Canary Islands contains 7 seven islands and is 1.500km south of the Spanish mainland. The largest islands are: Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife, the smallest: Fuerteventura, La Palma, Hierro and Gomera.

The economy of the area is mainly driven by tourism. The Canary Islands also has well developed agriculture and is a centre of banana, tomato, tobacco, vines, dates, grapes and peach production. Because of its huge popularity, other area also has a well developed property market with various types of properties to try or buy.

The most popular places for foreign property buyers are the centres of tourism: the Orotava Valley of Tenerife or the south of Gran Canaria. The latter is a very cosmopolitan area with very busy beaches and streets during the season. In Gran Canaria you will find shops such as Ikea and Benetton as well as Spanish department stores. In the capital, La Palma, you will find everything you could find in a large Spanish city and the beach. It is a perfect place for sunbathing and socialising as there are a number of pubs and clubs with entertaining night-life. In the south you will find Puerto de Morgan which is a less busy and more old-fashion resort, a favoured stopping-off points for yachts. The North part of the area is also less developed and has strong local traditions. To get away from it all, you should look for an inland property, somewhere near the town of Teror. Hierro and Gomera are less popular and so you will not find so many facilities and services as in Gran Canaria or La Palma. Although Gomera is only a few miles away from Tenerife it is totally different in its culture and lifestyle.


The lowest regional prices are lower than the national average. Cheapest property in Gran Canaria may cost you around €170.000, the most expensive in Lanzarote around €270.000 which is above the national average. 2 bedrooms apartment in La Palmas will cost you around €160.000, one bedroom apartment in Costa Calma (Tenerife) around €100.000. However, an apartment closer to the coast and resorts may cost you around €400.000. As everywhere else, prices are cheaper inland.

Reference: Hall, L. (2009) Buying A House In Spain, Crimson

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